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Witchy Haul February 2019

The glamour shot: all the things I purchased or received as gifts in February.

Disclaimer before we begin: I don’t typically accumulate this much in a single month, but it was Aquarius season and I’m an Aquarian, so I had a little extra money to spend on myself, and some of these items were gifts. I’ve linked websites and Etsy shops where I can if you like something you see.

The List with Links

  • Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft:
    • Hubby snagged a pristine copy of this for me at a local used bookstore. I had a digital copy, but there’s just something about pen on paper that makes it more magical.
  • Dark Rainbow Paper Pad
    • I grabbed this for myself when it was on a super sale at Michael’s. I was there for something else, but it was the last one in the store. No regrets.
  • Zodiac Faux Leather Traveler’s Notebook & Inserts
    • A birthday gift to me courtesy of some money I received as a gift from a family member. I’ve been wanting to convert my Book of Shadows into a traveler’s notebook, and I fell in love with this one. Mine is the B6 size.
  • Coffin Incense Burner with Storage Compartment
    • I’d been using a cheap one for a while, and saw this one during a trip to my local crystal shop. I picked it up and a friend that was with me said, “That is so you.” She was right. The cheap one now lives in another area of my house.
  • Road Opening Oil, blended by Fantasia Crystals
    • We could all use a little boost to remove obstacles in our path. That plus the Helm of Awe printed on the label had me sold. Whenever I feel blocked, this oil comes out.
  • Tibetan Singing Bowl
    • I also got this at my local crystal shop. I played quite a few in the shop to find the one for me. This one sang beautifully for me right out of the gate, and I just loved the tone. Watch for a future blog post about how this singing bowl adds to my practice.
  • Candle Snuffer and Incense
    • These were both from my local crystal shop, but I’ve seen either similar or exact versions of these at every other crystal shop I’ve stepped into. The snuffer is practical, and the incense adds to my current collection, depending on the work I’m trying to do at my altar.
All the pretty necklaces.
  • Kenaz Rune Necklace and Triple Moon Necklace, both from Arcana XIII on Etsy
    • Yeah, the triple moon is pretty, but why Kenaz? This is a rune that keeps popping up for me in so many ways. We can talk about runes in a later post, but suffice it to say my relationship with this one continues to grow.
  • Golden Snitch Necklace
    • This was a Galentine’s Day gift from a close friend, and I am a sucker for all things HP.
  • Tree of Life Pentagram Necklace, also from Fantasia Crystals
    • The Tree of Life is a symbol that has resonated with me for a very long time (can you tell with the two necklaces in this haul?). This pendant is small and subtle, with two of my favorite things on it.

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