This blog was an idea that had been bouncing around in my head for a long time. It never got off the ground because I never had a theme or way to narrow the scope of what I would write about. I simply wasn’t interested in writing a diary-style blog about every aspect of my life–and no one else would be that interested in reading it (because my life just isn’t that interesting day to day).

One night a friend jokingly asked me to start a blog surrounding my pagan Norse knowledge and interest but also my vegan baking, and the spark lit up. Why not do that? I asked myself later. Why not talk about the aspects of my life that other people ask me about the most? While I don’t consider my choices terribly controversial, a lot of people do. Why not start a blog to illustrate how these things intersect and argue my case?

So here we are.

Val the Vegan Witch is the growing story of my Wiccan practice, why I choose to be vegan and how I manage that, and what this all looks like when I uproot myself to travel. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting and maybe even a little helpful.